Monday, June 2, 2008

"Jungle Jane Swings From The Trees"

".....and another thing!" - notes to the Daily Times
By Jane Schreiber
June 1, 2008

Hey, Why don't we get coverage of other counties succeeding in doing what Rio Arriba is trying to do? And how O&G complies with them and still makes money? Don has info.
What is wrong with studying, doing research, and making an overall development plan in order to do a better job of extracting minerals?

Why can't we have coverage of how great an "overall developmental plan" would be that protects our environment rather than raping it? Western Rio Arriba is a good example of a "no planned development". We look like Swiss Cheese and are eroding away due to the excessive amount of oil field roads and bare ass well pads.
Why can't we learn from our mistakes?

I wouldn't have lasted long in the teaching profession if I hadn't had long range plans. You probably have a few plans and guidelines yourself. Why is it that energy corps get away with the unnecessary destruction of our land when they have the technology to do a much better job with less disturbance?

I just don't get it. It's wrong to protect our land and water? The oil companies are going broke and can't afford to do a better job? I just don't get it.

And on and on and on...


ranchbandana said...

Hey Jane -

Soon our planet will be void of 'human-beeuns' due to our not really giving a big rat's ass in general, concerning the environment.

Now if people like you keep raising hell over this issue it'll just prolong the elimination of our species...much to the chagrin of the other animals.

So, maybe you should just keep quite and let nature takes its course. Que no?

A Bud Drinkin' Ruby Red.

Bill Bob (Dubya's my man)

The Mickster said...

Hey El D -

When are you going to post another comment? You should quit making Chow-Chow long enought to type you fingers to the bone.

El M